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Yeah... We're Family

It's times like this that remind me I'm actually related to my two younger sisters.

Charlotte: My friend August lost his virginity in an igloo.
Liz and Steph: *stares of confusion ... moment of silence... burst of laughter*
Liz: Your friend August lost his virginity in an igloo.
Charlotte: Yeah, cause he lived in Alaska.
Steph: My friend wrote me a note saying she'd lost her virginity listening to Jessica Simpson.
Charlotte: Ugh
Liz: I pick the igloo.
*Group laughter*
Liz: I mean, we'd be doing to do and Jessica Simpson just comes on... I'd be like "No, this is over. We're moving. Let's go out to the igloo."

Oh yeah... and Charlotte is back from Job Corps forEVER. It is like a small hell in this house.
I've already informed her that I won't be going to pick up her boyfriend at Job Corps every weekend until he gets out in March. No way. No fucking way. And to that Stephanie responded with some bullshit about me keeping them apart and ruining their relationship.


What the crap? Stephanie already has her nose up Charlotte's ass and they've only been here three hours.
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