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Sorry if I've been kind of out of it lately, things haven't been so great at home... my mother is an evil banshie spawn of satan and I want to leave here but I have nowhere to go... which sucks. And my brother keeps pestering me to play Balders Gate, that boob. So far the excuse "We'll play later" has worked pretty well. So has "We'll play in the morning" but he just won't stop. Sadly, I'm listening to Backstreet Boys right now and I remember all the words... I must cry.

Today on cooking with Scorpion, we'll be learning about chopping, tenderizing, chopping, cake decorating, and chopping!

UPDATE ON OFG: Almost everything is moved, be on the lookout for it.
UPDATE ON RPG MAKER: Yay, finally using it. Making a game for my little brother.
UPDATE ON LIFE: Banshie satan mother being evil again.

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