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Hee Chul choking...

... makes my life complete.

Degac Creep: aha... this clip of the beast choking...
se7enteenYG: highly satisfying?
Degac Creep: mmmm
se7enteenYG: hehe
Degac Creep: aha... twice....
Degac Creep: no wait
Degac Creep: three times
Degac Creep: ha ha ha
Degac Creep: oh god
Degac Creep: I think I need to download this
se7enteenYG: you're making me very satisfied
se7enteenYG: and I'm not even watching it
Degac Creep: save it forever
Degac Creep: show it to my kids
se7enteenYG: tell them, "This is the Beast your aunt likes." or something
Degac Creep: more like "This is the enemy"
se7enteenYG: ahah!
Degac Creep: "Auntie Steph likes the enemy... and will try to convert you"
Degac Creep: "kick her in the balls"
se7enteenYG: repeat that to them while they're toddlers
se7enteenYG: instill in their brains
se7enteenYG: while they're still young
Degac Creep: oh, my kids will be Woo-obsessed from the age of 1
se7enteenYG: that's right
se7enteenYG: that's the way it should be
Degac Creep: shit, I'm watching that again
se7enteenYG: -pouts-
Degac Creep:
se7enteenYG: yay! xD
Degac Creep: I love in the first one
Degac Creep: when his hand is like twitching
Degac Creep: and the guy is ignoring him
se7enteenYG: yes!
se7enteenYG: this is very satisfying
Degac Creep: *nods*
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