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iryokuatae's layout is finished.
I feel pretty good about myself.

Haven't done any icontest icons yet. *Sad*

I also do not approve of the goings-on on this week's Love Letter.
Can't we get Woo/Seul Gi just ONCE!? HONESTLY, PEOPLE!
Enough of this Woo/Bin bullshit.
She's a dirty skank and needs to find someone else to bother.

... Oh, right, and he won't jump.
This is Woo Hyuk we're talking about, folks.
As an experienced Woo Hyuk observer... I'm telling you guys... he's not going to jump.

And if he does then it's only because everyone else up to that point did.
The man is scared of heights like I'm scared of the dark.
Woo and heights just don't mix.
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