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I will simply never understand my mother. I'm only going to bring up one point here, but it's a winner. Backstory: There are two accounts on this computer. Her's and mine. Most of the family is completely content with using mine. This is for a number of reasons. 1. I have awesome taste in desktops and my mother never changes her's from the default. 2. A good number of the programs I use (ex. Soulseek, PSP8, Sacred) will not run on her account for unknown reasons. 3. For some reason nobody feels safe or "good" about saving files while on her account. It's like her account is some sad old lady who will just break under any level of pressure.

Alright so, my account is on 3/4 of every day at least because everyone uses it. Tom and Steph both have folders in my documents full of their shit. And I don't bitch because it's their computer too and it really, really doesn't bother me.

So as soon as my mother gets home every day, she takes if off of my account. It doesn't matter what I'm running, what I was in the middle of, even if it was something for her. She doesn't care at all. This alone isn't so bad. I mean, I know the general time she's coming home so most of my shit is saved anyway. But today, for example, I got up to turn lights off downstairs like she told me to... and I came back and the layout I was making for a friend was unsaved and closed... and AIM, which was still running with conversations, closed. Her account... ON! And because I can't run PSP8 on her account, I can't even attempt to get that layout done again.

And do you know why she switches to her account? To play solitaire. I am not even shitting you guys. She turns off my perfect running and beautiful account to play a game that she could have played anyway.

So, Kigan... there will be a slightly longer wait on your layout... and I'm sorry.
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