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Liz's fanbase

Degac Creep: I need my own fanbase
se7enteenYG: hehe
Degac Creep: people who make an LJ comm about me... and freak out when I post pictures in my journal... and suddenly decide my opinions are their opinions
Degac Creep: and sleep outside my house to get pictures
se7enteenYG: sounds like a pretty good fanbase
se7enteenYG: yes, we need that for Liz
Degac Creep: and call me in the middle of the night because my number got out on the web
se7enteenYG: I have it saved in my phone xDD
Degac Creep: and make tributes about me
Degac Creep: and make little plushies of me and cosplay me at anime conventions
se7enteenYG: yes yes yes!
se7enteenYG: we need all those
Degac Creep: and someone would make me an official site... and a few unofficial ones
se7enteenYG: for the Liz
Degac Creep: couple of rival forums
se7enteenYG: mm hmm
se7enteenYG: this is beginning to sound really good
Degac Creep: and all of them claiming I'm "their lover"
Degac Creep: mmmm
Degac Creep: that would be great
se7enteenYG: it would be
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