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A Couple of Points

First, a chatlog.

kigan06: so why micky all of the sudden?
Degac Creep: I can't explain it
Degac Creep: because he was like... 4th in the line
Degac Creep: then I woke up one morning like
Degac Creep: wait... nope
Degac Creep: there it is
Degac Creep: I woke up one morning
Degac Creep: must have been a sex dream
kigan06: those pesky sex dreams huh
Degac Creep: always getting me where it hurts

And a small note. If you have a problem with me or the things I say on my journal, you can do me a favor and comment about it on any entry here. I'll get it. What am I saying? Disrespect me to my face, crack whores.

And <3 to the rest of you. <3 and babies. ... and cookies.
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