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That's it. I'm sick of it.

I'm not doing it anymore. I simply can not sit here and share the space with the new Woo Hyuk fans. It is great that his solo career gained him so much love, respect, etc etc etc but I can't deal with another "Oh he was in H.O.T? Wow, they sucked".

I'm saying it now because it's necessary.

If you don't know the significance of the number 35 to him, and have to ask who Tony Ahn is, then YOU ARE NOT A WOO HYUK FAN.

That's it. There's no arguing. Oh, and one more:

Woo Hyuk and Bin are NOT cute together. No, they do NOT make a cute couple on Love Letter. I DO NOT CARE how close they are as friends, Bin is a dirty skank and Woo is... well... not.

I am ready to stop watching Love Letter. And I am absolutely serious in this. And they're going to be on the show again next week. I love Woo Hyuk, but I am so close to sacrificing the watching of that show if it means I won't have to look at her.

So how will I deal with this in a mature kind of way? Well..

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