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It's a P00 Day

I've decided that today will be a P00 day. No, not POO like as in shit. P00 as in that kinda hot member of H.I.M I was rambling about some months ago. So why is today a P00 day? Well, as I was going through some of the pictures I never go through anymore, I decided to browse through my H.I.M folder... and that led to watching their "Do You Know That" MV a few times through. I still, to this day, can not watch that video without having to point out everytime P00 shows up like... "LOOK IT'S POOOOOOO"... and I say it like that... poo... like shit...

Moving on.

--> H.I.M - MV - Do You Know That <--

So today, January 12, 2006, will be a P00 day.
(Who, by the way, is still not as adorable and girly cute as J90 or as rustic, dork, Minwoo-wannabe as G01... aaaaand because I feel like plugging the only other one who isn't fugly... M04 M04 M04)

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