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Because making fun of Pat is great

Degac Creep: so last night we were taking Steph's picture for the pink board's thing and Pat came up here... he picked up a handful of my cds and we took a picture... it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life
Degac Creep: we were joking about sending his picture in
Degac Creep: just because they guys would probably shit themselves
AmyKaidoh01: hehehe

Degac Creep: ha ha ha
Degac Creep: oh man... I will never get over this
AmyKaidoh01: damn
AmyKaidoh01: im envious
AmyKaidoh01: I only have H.O.T cds
Degac Creep: it just figures he picked up those particular discs
Degac Creep: I wasn't happy about his touching my Woo
AmyKaidoh01: hehe
Degac Creep: I protect that more than I protect myself
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