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*Scoff* Morons

What is it with the world today? More specifically the people... and further into that category, the morons... I mean, it's one thing to be stupid and be AWARE that you're stupid, but it's quite another to be stupid and try to pull off that you're smart... *shakes head*... maybe I'm asking for too much. Intelligent conversations may be too deep of a request.

Svvord HoIder: bout time
Brute Locke: *finger*
Svvord HoIder: u to
Brute Locke: I was watching Fruits Basket
Svvord HoIder: ?
Brute Locke: Its an anime
Svvord HoIder: no shit
Brute Locke: Then tell me, oh knowledgeable one, what was with the "?"? I mean, had you known that Fruits Basket was an anime, when I said "I was watching Fruits Basket" you would have completely understood, no? Did those five words confuse you somehow?? Was it "I" or was it "watching"?
Svvord HoIder: was it tw or it for u
Brute Locke: What? What the fuck are you trying to say??
Svvord HoIder: noda
Brute Locke: There you go again, speak ENGLISH.
Svvord HoIder: ok hows this
Svvord HoIder signed off at 4:51:37 PM.

Good english.
I'm amazed by the extent of your vocab.
Spare me.
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