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I figure myself to be a rather predictable femme... so I thought I'd boost everyone's ego and steal this from kashume and see how easy you guys have it.

01. Post a list of 15 bands.
02. Have your friends list guess your favorite member from each band.
03. When guessed, bold the correct guess and put who got it right.
04. Post in your own LJ.

The Groups:
01. H.O.T - Woo Hyuk // kashume
02. Dong Bang Shin Gi - Kitty // kashume
03. 1TYM - Baekkyoung // linnypinny
04. Black Beat - Jae Won // miyavi_fangirl
05. Epik High - Tablo // kashume
06. NRG - The Myung // kashume
07. Sechskies
08. Shinhwa - Junjin (or IS IT!?) // psyhco_bunnie
09. Super Junior - Hyuk Jae // miyavi_fangirl
10. The TRAX - Jay // psyhco_bunnie
11. Turbo - Mikey // kashume
12. Click B
13. Dir en grey - Toshiya // psyhco_bunnie
14. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Tetsu // linnypinny
15. MUCC

Ok, I understand a few of these are boybands not a lot of people today are really into... so I don't expect ALL of them to be figured out. And some of these are SO OBVIOUS that if you get them wrong... I'll just kill you.
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