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Yes, I'm making up for this past week

Sometime while Jim was gone, me and Steph had a little fun and took like twenty pictures of us, money, Yunho, other kitties, hide, the tree, etc... And here they are, uncut and real for everyone to enjoy.

Homestar Runner... note the relics of old in the back.

Another one of Homestar Runner... just in case the first one wasn't enough Homestar goodness and you needed another.

And Liz takes a picture of herself.

Steph reading Liz's dirty secrets. I write all my icontest stuff in there... and phone numbers...

Steph eating Yunho.

And then it was Liz's turn with the Pucca notebook.

Psycho sleeping in a box of last year's Christmas crap.

Steph pushing the word of the lord. She suggested not taking the red eye out of this to keep it looking evil.

Yunho. Food. Cash.

Steph and the cash... yes, after it was in the cat food dish. I kinfa gave her a look after this but took the picture anyway because it was kinda funny.

More of Yunho catching some grub.

Steph and Yunho.

hide on the shelf behind the tree.

My bag... and a really good shot of it. Too bad the Tony is covering the "I love Hentai" button.

One of Liz's many Tony monkeys.

I felt the last one didn't quite capture the size of the Tony... so I had Steph get involved.

We went looking for Yunho and found him killing the tree. Lucky for him, we hadn't yet put up ornaments.

After he decided to chill.

Yunho and some of my baddass gear. Got some Tekken Tag, some Fushigi Yuugi... and a whole assload of NES games.

About to pounce the dog.

Looking at Steph to the right.

He's getting better at having his picture taken... I'll give him that at least...

As he started to climb the tree... he does that a lot...

About halfway up.

Killing... like he does.

The pup.

And when Yunho fell asleep... it just happened to be on my back.

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