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Shit on a mother fucking stick

So here's the story.

After waiting all fucking week to get Jim back, we get the machine back in the house only to find the "formatted" HD is still detecting the virus (not to mention all our shit is still here.) So Liz called up Staples and I guess there's a story going around the shop about how some asshole formatted us wrong. So. Jim is going back to the doctor on Monday.

Now, so a repeat of last week doesn't happen:
Except maybe tonight because I'll be on the phone from 8.

Now, you can call at any hour, really. There will more than likely be someone around to pick up the phone with instructions to fuck with anything I'm doing to give it to me.

And I'm willing to hear from EVERYONE... yes, even you. Just make sure you let me know who the hell you are. I got a few calls while I was away last time. Let's go for more. And if you are worried about long distance charges, call me up and leave your number and I'll call you back. I do it to a few of the people who call me now, and I'll do it for you. (This is the up side to Liz's mother having free nationwide long distance.)
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