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Random Chatlog

Brute Locke: Alt's av pisses me off
Brute Locke: We need to find a way to hack into his account and change it
Fantaisie Bleu: xD
Fantaisie Bleu: BUT IT'S HAPPY
Brute Locke: NO.
Brute Locke: It's stupid
Brute Locke: It should be taken out back and shot
Fantaisie Bleu: I'm not stopping you
Fantaisie Bleu: not really anyway..
Brute Locke: Yes, but I need your sexy manipulation skills to distract him... while I beat him over the head until he changes it...
Fantaisie Bleu: he doesn't fall for it ;.;
Brute Locke: god DAMN it
Fantaisie Bleu: he's gay, see
Brute Locke: ... so dress like a man
Fantaisie Bleu: ... that could work...
Brute Locke: it WILL work, damn it
Fantaisie Bleu: but then I'd need a new account
Brute Locke: ....techincalities... woman, it's for the better good
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