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Today we had to say goodbye to Kangta and Sam Sam Pretty Eyes... but I made good use of the fact that my mother had her camera in her purse... and took pictures of them on the way there and while we waited.

So yes, there's pictures here. Pictures of Sammy, Kangta, Wonnie Baby, and Joongie.

And yes, I make a small appearance in one of them.

Kangta sitting on my purse. He was such an angel for the ride. He didn't freak out at all. He just chilled with me the whole 45 minute ride.

About to fall asleep. He moved out of the way so you can see the JTL badge he was sitting on. Love for the boys, Kangta... love for the boys...

Fast asleep with the monkey. That's all there is to say about that.

Look look! It's me! With my badass black gloves. He fell asleep on me while we were waiting for his mom to show up.

Sam Sam chilling next to me in the van.

More chill Sam Sam. My hair kinda got in the way for that one, but I thought it was too cute not to keep.

Sammy last night. He goes kinda limp when you hold him from behind. It's funny.

Another one of Pretty Eyes from last night. My mother was holding him then... He's so pretty...

Mom and Sam Sam today while we were waiting. For how cold it was, he looks pretty chill. This is about the time that Kangta fell asleep on me.

Wonnie Baby chilling on my mother's bed last night.

Kangta and Joongie last night. Ta got into a bit of an accident just before this was taken. He fell into the water bowl and then the cat box. He clearly looks traumatized.

Ok that's it for now.
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