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*Picks up mic*

This is Liz coming to you live from the second annual Thanksgiving Day Square Fest!
We're here with Tom, my brother, in an all-inclusive interview.

So, Tom. What great scenes are we hoping to replay tonight?
"I'm hoping Cleyra will get blown up by Odin, and I'm hoping Auron reveals the truth that he's dead."

Excellent choices, dude. So... who do you think will be the sexiest Square female we experience this year?
"Rinoa, of course."

Rinoa is ugly.
"No she isn't."

I'm hoping we get to play some Kingdom Heart. What are your thoughts?
"Well I was hoping to play a little Kindgom Hearts as well"

To beat Sephy again on my awesome file, right?

How about the Final Fantasies? Will we be hitting 7, 8, 9, 10, AND Tactics this year?
"Oh yeah."

So where do you think we should start?

Ok, thank you Tom for being here today. I hope I can survive the hours upon hours of sitting next to you.

On a side note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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