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The Jackhole of AIM

lemonsoju6: well then, what do you LIKE to do?
Degac Creep: make icons, play video games, listen to music
lemonsoju6: what kind of music?
Degac Creep: korean mostly, some japanese
lemonsoju6: korean and japanese?
lemonsoju6: is there some sort of connection?
Degac Creep: between them?
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: they are both in asia
lemonsoju6: I mean the music, such that you would listen to both.
Degac Creep: because I like them?

Degac Creep: is that a problem?
lemonsoju6: people who like two differnet things usually do so because there's some degree of commonality between them
lemonsoju6: somebody who likes pizza, may like cheeseburgers because of the soft bread, wheraes somebody else who likes pizza and burgers may do so because he likes the cheese
lemonsoju6: I'm trying to get at your reasons for liking Korean and Japanese music. That is, what is the degree of commonality between the two that has attracted you to both
lemonsoju6: the fact that they're both in asia doesn't make much sense, because, well, there are dozens of other asian countries, all with their own respective pop culture
Degac Creep: I didn't say I liked them because they were both in asia
lemonsoju6: when asked whether there was some connection between korean and japanese music, you responded "they're both in Asia"
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: you asked the connection
Degac Creep: you never specified connection in music until after I answered
Degac Creep: and when did I say that Korea and Japan were the only asian countries I listen to music from?
lemonsoju6: when i asked what kind of music you liked, you answered "korean" and "some japanese."
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: I remember
Degac Creep: it happened like five minutes ago
lemonsoju6: well then I don't understand the reason for your question
Degac Creep: I gave two examples
Degac Creep: only two
lemonsoju6: you never said they were examples
Degac Creep: I really shouldn't have had to
lemonsoju6: and why not?
Degac Creep: because people have imaginations
lemonsoju6: after all, i didn't ask "what are some examples of the kind of music you like?"
Degac Creep: and can come up with their own conclusions
lemonsoju6: I asked you "what kind of music do you like?"
Degac Creep: it would take way too long to list all the kinds of music I like
Degac Creep: and to expect that of me is assinine
lemonsoju6: it would be, but only with the knowledge that the list is that long
lemonsoju6: which again, is why I asked an opened ended question, allowing you to respond with some qualifying and clarifying response
Degac Creep: do YOU listen to only a handful of kinds of music?
lemonsoju6: you didn't respond with "a lot," which would have indicated that you liked many different types of music, too many to list
lemonsoju6: you didn't respond "a whole ton," which would have also indicated a list too long to reasonably type out
Degac Creep: you are nitpicky
lemonsoju6: you rseponded "KOrean and some japanese"
Degac Creep: it's annoying
Degac Creep: you're trying to make me seem/sound/feel stupid
lemonsoju6: I'M nitpicky? You tried to argue a moment ago in a "nitpicky" way by saying that you didn't respond "only" Korean and Japanese
lemonsoju6: that's nitpicky
Degac Creep: because you nitpicked my answer
Degac Creep: demanded more answers
lemonsoju6: the point is, you wouldn't have been faced with this diatribe had you answered my question in a less "assinine" way earlier
Degac Creep: jesus fucking christ
Degac Creep: if I had known I was being TESTED I would have written a fucking essay
Degac Creep: I figured this to be regular conversation
Degac Creep: you know, between NORMAL people

There was a lot more, but after this I was getting hot headed and some of the things I said were jackass-ish but it was basically them calling me stupid, twisting my words, using lines against me and trying to make me feel like an idiot. I didn't feel like an idiot... but I was getting very agitated.
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