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X-Man Gigglies

The new X-Man is... it's...

Well let's start with the guests. Jong Min again. Jong Kook, Haha, Myung Soo, etc... Woo Hyuk... Sung Jin... I mean, I was turned on just thinking about it.

So let's talk Woo Hyuk vs Myung Soo for that nifty rubber glove game. MC Yoo asks what they think they're better than the other at and Woo of course says dancing. We're like "Yeah yeah, what's new..." Then MS goes about making fun of Woo's song. Makes Liz angry. But the best best part was when MC Yoo warns MS about how many fans Woo Hyuk has. The way he said it just hit every single funny point of my evening like...

I can't even explain.

Then I was sitting there like, "That's fucking right. We'll fuck that bitch up."

And let's face it, that "dance battle" was the best one involving Woo Hyuk since... OH! Since the one with OneTwo and D.Bace. Woo. That was fucking hot. This one... was not hot... but was still great... And I love love love Sung Jin's completely relaxed humor. He'll just say whatever he wants to say.

Speaking of Sung Jin. I came across a rather recent shot of Sung Jin, Yoo Min and Myung Hoon that beats the shit out of most pictures you've seen today. I mean... it's hot...

The Myung is a total babe.
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