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Poll Woes

So there's this poll on Soompi that asks Minwoo or Jang Woo Hyuk... and I knew I shouldn't have gone in there... I knew it... but... I came out with some choice fucking quotes that make my blood boil, annoy me, or amuse me...

"dont think jwh is hot at all.... just talented at dancing... "
*Screams* Not at all!? Well, hey, that's fine. At least you got the dancing right.

"I just don't like jwh lol I don't think he's that great of a dancer after watching his performances, and I don't like korean rap. so yeah."
I think this one makes children die. I mean, who the fuck are they trying to fool here? Not that great of a dancer? *holds head*

"LEE MINWOO...HE PWNS Jang Woohyuk in the hot pun intended XD they're BOTH really talented in dancing...but M is soooooo much hotter...and i like his songs more...i can't even make out JWH how pronounces his song? sound vietnamese almost....O.o so MINWOO ALL DA WAY!!!"
I almost started a cat fight with this one. I wanted to quote and comment so fucking bad.

"har har...minwoo found himself another rival."
Oh please. They have to be close to equal to be the kind of rival you're speaking of. And let's face it...

"DBSG, Neither Ivy nor Bin, and WOO HYUK all the way!!"
This person had the same answers as me and was using a Seo Taiji icon. *Shrugs* I decided it would be best to add at least one non-shitty quote here.

"And Minwoo just because it's something natural that he always had since he debuted. I don't seem to remember Woo Hyuk called sexy or hot during his HOT days, cute but never sexy."
*Deep breath* Ok... am I the only person who thinks Woo Hyuk was sexy every moment following Candy? Yes, he was cute then, but from there on it was like Sex Fest Extreme.

So Liz is ranting and raving at the moment... and surely believes Minwoo will end up like Yunho if this keeps up.
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