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Love Letter: God. I loved it. Aside from the obvious hatred toward anything that puts Yunho and Woo Hyuk together, I loved the part during the wrestling game when Woo Hyuk was talking about the dancers and Yunho cheered from the back. I love dancers. *Happy sigh* Woo Hyuk wrestling Miss Shin, Miss Shin coming up behind Yunho and hugging him... Both excellent parts... I also really appreciated the part when Yunho picked up the bean bag tower and screwed. Me and Steph were just sitting here laughing so fucking hard. He just... picked it up and ran. And then right after that Yoo Min getting attacked by the geyser of stage fog... priceless. And Woo Hyuk is such a pimp. So many girls wanted him. So yeah, I loved it. And Jong Min will be on next week! *Excited*

X-Man: X-Man... X-Man... what can I say? Jong Min was a trip, as usual. Hee Jun doing the We Are The Future dance... was beautiful. I'm sure I only recognized it because of how many damn lives I've seen of that song. It was hot. SS501 boys pissed me off, as usual... and it was bothering me because there were three young guys and only two were from SS501... and I just don't know enough about them to be able to figure out who was who... I have my theories but since I wasn't sure I never gave any of them a chance. So they all ended up annoying me to fucking death. Jong Kook and Haha didn't really impress me this week. I usually get a good laugh out of their performances but this one was kinda bland. It's always an adventure just watching Haha anyway, so it wasn't a total loss. And I picked the X-Man again. I'm just so awesome.

Heroine 6: Mmyes, the one I was really waiting for. Woo Hyuk vs Miss Shin and Miss Shin just... being himself. Tablo vs MC Mong... oh the fun. I loved when they first started and Tablo held the finger out but pulled it back to dance to the song... he looked so shocked and confused... but that's just how he looks, so whatever. Tablo's springy leap when he hit him. Tablo is such a little man... And shit, I am so happy at how easygoing Hee Jun was for this show. He looks so happy, especially when he was doing anything that involved Woo Hyuk. *Sighs* I love H.O.T so much... MC Mong booking... that was so fucking funny. He's just like "Fuck this shit, I'm out of here." And the kisses. Oh my god the kisses. I was satisfied. And I didn't want to kill her, how about that? I think our little Liz is maturing.
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