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Women today *rolls eyes*

Ok so I have two short little stories to share today.

First, my mother woke me up today sometime between 9 and 10 and telling me I had to come see something. I gave the usual "Why?" and "Oh, come on! Just another hour..." but I ended up getting up anyway because the dog had stolen my blanket in the night and I was fucking cold. So I walked into her bedroom and she pointed to her bed. And there sat a plate of food. Let me tell you, my mother has cooked in this house probably a total of three times in the past eight years. She made huge pots of soup twice and one time... a catbox cake. AND THAT IS IT. So, needless to say, I kinda just stood there in the doorway, half of my brain still in a sleep-like state, staring at this plate of food. And she went all out, too. There was enough food on there for like three people. And she had one just the same. I couldn't believe it. I ate it, but I couldn't believe it.

And second, my mother had me go out for icecream around noon. So I go over to where the icecream is and I'm staring there looking at the freezer because I have to get kinds that my mother likes. She can't eat mint, doesn't like big chunks, that sort of thing. And I notice there's this woman sitting on the floor like half way into the fucking freezer one door over from the one I'm at. I wasn't going to get involved, so I went into the freezer and took one thing of icecream out. Now, the icecream was buy on get one free so I continued to look in until I heard "You get one you get two?" I looked over and the woman was out of the freezer and pointing at my basket. She was asian, which made it so much cuter. I was like "What?" And she pointed to my icecream again like "You get one you get two?" and I held up two fingers and said "Two." And she laughed and said "Ok, good, cause I was share with you."

Aha... it was so cute...

Oh and...

TonHyuk smells like
fresh garden flowers
they should get out of the damn
shower and stop wasting our
water and soap!

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