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Yes, we really are this fucked up

BlackInAzkaban: oh god, can you imagine is H.O.T was like DBSG and had english, and international names?
BlackInAzkaban: what would Woo's name be?
Degac Creep: oh god
Degac Creep: don't go there

Degac Creep: Hee Jun would be Sparky
Degac Creep: because I said so
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: I want to say Peter
BlackInAzkaban: and I dont know why
Degac Creep: *chokes*
Degac Creep: *stares*
Degac Creep: think up something better
BlackInAzkaban: that's the first name that popped into my head when I thought of it
BlackInAzkaban: thought about it*
BlackInAzkaban: what would Kangta's be?
Degac Creep: <.<
Degac Creep: Phil
BlackInAzkaban: he needs to be something, femmy, yet strong, and out there
BlackInAzkaban: something that shows leadership
Degac Creep: Amy
BlackInAzkaban: ahahaha
BlackInAzkaban: wtf?
BlackInAzkaban: hahaha
Degac Creep: I only know lesbians named Amy
Degac Creep: and then that one chick
Degac Creep: but she doesn't count
BlackInAzkaban: what about something like Justin?
Degac Creep: too overused
BlackInAzkaban: true
BlackInAzkaban: hmm
Degac Creep: how about like... something not a name
BlackInAzkaban: hmm
BlackInAzkaban: I dunno.. that's tough
BlackInAzkaban: Captain?
Degac Creep: too manly
Degac Creep: we could just go with Tink... because hell, if we already have a Peter, they could have at least made us laugh
Degac Creep: plus with the magic thing
BlackInAzkaban: yes!
BlackInAzkaban: Tink
BlackInAzkaban: hahah
BlackInAzkaban: you made me laugh so hard I squeeked
BlackInAzkaban: haha
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: ok so
BlackInAzkaban: Jae Won
Degac Creep: Sparky, Tink and Peter
BlackInAzkaban: who's pete?
Degac Creep: whoever
Degac Creep: give it to someone
Degac Creep: JAe
Degac Creep: Jae
BlackInAzkaban: haha ok
Degac Creep: there
Degac Creep: done
BlackInAzkaban: Jae Won is Peter
BlackInAzkaban: now Woo
Degac Creep: this better be badass
BlackInAzkaban: something, strong, manly, but not butch,
Degac Creep: and I mean badass on a seriously badass level
Degac Creep: like, badass coming out the ass
BlackInAzkaban: well this kind of a nice name
BlackInAzkaban: Jayden?
BlackInAzkaban: it has a nice ring to it
Degac Creep: sounds kinda homosexual to me
BlackInAzkaban: *falls over*
BlackInAzkaban: haha
Degac Creep: its like Rayden without the god powers
BlackInAzkaban: Owen means well-descended.... sign me up for an Owen
Degac Creep: *twitch*
Degac Creep: you WANT him to get his ass kicked
BlackInAzkaban: no onn
BlackInAzkaban: I was just saying
BlackInAzkaban: I dont want him to be an owen
Degac Creep: *sigh of relief*
Degac Creep: scared me
BlackInAzkaban: i was trying to make a bad joke
BlackInAzkaban: Aidan?
Degac Creep: there you go again
Degac Creep: less gay more... more... not gay
BlackInAzkaban: hahah
BlackInAzkaban: Alex?
BlackInAzkaban: means helper and defender of mankind
Degac Creep: oh please
Degac Creep: it has an X in it
Degac Creep: at the END
BlackInAzkaban: ok, movingon
BlackInAzkaban: Bryce? means quick moving
Degac Creep: ... that actually...
Degac Creep: no no no
Degac Creep: *shakes head*
BlackInAzkaban: gay
BlackInAzkaban: moving on
Degac Creep: almost had me
Degac Creep: ha ha
BlackInAzkaban: Darien? means gift
Degac Creep: do you have just like a running list of homosexuals in your head?
BlackInAzkaban: *falls over*
BlackInAzkaban: ok ok
BlackInAzkaban: *keeps looking*
BlackInAzkaban: how about Abraham ^_~
Degac Creep: *stares*
Degac Creep: something rough... something... something... *twitches*
BlackInAzkaban: Allan? (yes spelt like that) meand handsome
BlackInAzkaban: means
Degac Creep: look at him and call him that
Degac Creep: does he cry?
BlackInAzkaban: yes
Degac Creep: I rest my case
Degac Creep: this is the man who has a household tool for a nickname
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: yeah
BlackInAzkaban: so you want a warrior type name?
Degac Creep: *thinks about that*
Degac Creep: I think I'm reading too far into this
Degac Creep: I'm too picky
BlackInAzkaban: no
BlackInAzkaban: if I have a perfect description I can find a name
BlackInAzkaban: pick one word to describe him
Degac Creep: ..... *mouth hangs open*.... one?
Degac Creep: aside from godly?
Degac Creep: perfect?
Degac Creep: *head falls back* one word?
Degac Creep: thats not right
BlackInAzkaban: wow, hes tough to choose for
BlackInAzkaban: Jack?
BlackInAzkaban: that means godly
BlackInAzkaban: Ken? that means handsome
BlackInAzkaban: same with Kevin
Degac Creep: *looks at him*
Degac Creep: Jack
Degac Creep: Ken
Degac Creep: Kevin
BlackInAzkaban: Kevin could work
BlackInAzkaban: He could get away with being a Kevin
Degac Creep: yeah but then I'll think of the backstreet boys
BlackInAzkaban: damn it
Degac Creep: and if anything he's the AJ
BlackInAzkaban: Richard? aka Rick means Powerful Ruler
Degac Creep: Dick, dude
Degac Creep: I would end up calling him Dick
Degac Creep: and from there Penis
BlackInAzkaban: ok how abould Seamus
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: NOT
Degac Creep: and god knows what else
BlackInAzkaban: Sloane? means warrior
Degac Creep: its also a woman's name
BlackInAzkaban: Troy?
BlackInAzkaban: powerful City in Rome
Degac Creep: oh right like THAT won't clash with Tony
BlackInAzkaban: *falls over*
BlackInAzkaban: Vince?
BlackInAzkaban: means victorious
Degac Creep: thats it
Degac Creep: no Cs
Degac Creep: get them out of your system
Degac Creep: we are seriously getting nowhere
BlackInAzkaban: Zebediah? god's gift haha
Degac Creep: are you listening to yourself?
BlackInAzkaban: well everyting to you, is either too gay, or filled with C's and X's
BlackInAzkaban: why not Bryce?
Degac Creep: because it reminded me of Bruce, which was butch, but then it bitch slapped me and told me my shoes are out of style
BlackInAzkaban: ok?
BlackInAzkaban: Erick?
BlackInAzkaban: ever powerful ruler
Degac Creep: there is already an Eric
Degac Creep: it would be like calling him Andy
BlackInAzkaban: Gavin? means contented one
Degac Creep: eeeehhhh
Degac Creep: *tilts head*
Degac Creep: hmmm
BlackInAzkaban: or Holden means kind and gentle
Degac Creep: *tilts it the other way*
BlackInAzkaban: so.. gavin?
Degac Creep: dudw
Degac Creep: dude
Degac Creep: I got it
Degac Creep: he could be a Matt... and I could call him Matty
Degac Creep: I AM GENIUS
BlackInAzkaban: lemme look up mat
BlackInAzkaban: gift of the lord
Degac Creep: *pleased*
Degac Creep: and when I'm mad at him I can call him Matilda
BlackInAzkaban: haha
Degac Creep: like I do with Charlottes boyfriend Pat
BlackInAzkaban: ok so we have Sparky, Tink, Tony, Matt, and Peter
Degac Creep: I call him patricia
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: we are awesome
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: make it an LJ entry
BlackInAzkaban: make sure to post the whole process
BlackInAzkaban: lol
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