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For the lovers in the house

Just a quick question. I'm already thinking about a new layout for my journal. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in using my current one when I'm done. I would change it, of course. Take my name off it, make a few menu changes, but it would be the same images, size, colors, etc.

I've reconstructed my old layouts for others before. lee_style is currently using my sexy Jae Won one from way back. And I plan to put code together for a lot of my old layouts, anyway so... I mean, I'm just asking. I'd hate to see such a sexy sexy thing go to waste.

I guess this also applies to any of my layouts from the past, as well. If you remember one you liked and would love to have it, let me know. It's just coding, after all. It's so much easier making layouts when the images are already there. Of course, some of my layouts have my name in odd places and will be very hard to remove it, so not all my layout apply, but if anyone would like to know what the old layouts looked like, I wouldn't mind making a list or something.

Just some thoughts.
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