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Liz is watching horror movies again... *sigh*

I'm sorry... but seriously. How many people actually flip the light switch a number of times before realizing the shit is not going to turn on?

I flip it once. It doesn't work. End.

Then I go out and get some mother fucking light bulbs. I don't investigate. Oh hell no. The room is dark. Liz does not go in without a full battery-powered flashlight-covered body suit and a huge baseball bat.

So Liz is afraid of the dark. So? My best friend could be dying in that room and I wouldn't step one foot in there. I'll go to hell. So be it. Naked Woo Hyuk could be in that room and there would still be no chance I would go in that room. He could be slowly stripping, oiling himself down and calling my name and I would just have to... deny myself that pleasure.


I have to stop watching horror movies.

In other news, the Rising Sun MV is totally hot and I highly recommend it. In fact, I'll probably be sending it to most of you who don't follow DBSG religiously... tonight. So make sure you have that small amount of HD space ready for me.

And don't pay attention to the NRG song playing. I'm not actually making graphics. I got my hands on NRG's 3rd last night and haven't turned it off since... And I did make a few Hee Jun icons, so all that NRG was not to waste... I gotta get some of you guys into them... because I feel so alone here...
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