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Oh my

So I've come to realize that most of the author's notes in me and Steph's fics start with something like

"So me and Steph were up late one night and..."

or "Lizzie was just sitting here talking one day and..."

or "I was driving to Walmart with Steph this morning and..."

or "So I was watching some H.O.T clips with Lizzie and..."

and I got to thinking... maybe I should stop talking to Steph. I mean, we are obviously influencing each other quite a bit when it comes to writing fanficton and I'm wondering about what we'd write if we didn't get the ideas from each other.

This would also mean that we'd have to drop the new HyukTa one we're writing together... but I think I'll probably just end up writing it as another smut... because for some reason every fic I write with her ends up with a six page smut that appears overnight and shocks her into silence the next morning.

So what do you guys think?
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