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The [real] Aind!!!

My sister Stephanie gave me permission to post this very short and very spoofy JTL "fic" for you guys to enjoy. I mean, I love it... and you love what I love... so... Read it.

Title: Group Hug
Author: ChangMinsLoveBunny (
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG
Pairings: None
Summary: Group hug.
Warnings: None. I think. Yeah, none.
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.
A/N: So Lizzie and I were sitting around watching H.O.T lives when we started talking about how little camera time SM gave to Jae Won. Then I made up this little JTL skit. I hope you like it. It's quite short....

Tony: [looking into camera] Ha! Take this, Hee Jun and KangTa! Always stealing my thunder! Who has the camera now!?
Woo Hyuk: Tony, calm down....
Tony: Ah hahahahahahahaha!
Jae Won: Hey, Tony, maybe you could spare some cam time for the other members of JTL?
Tony: [without thinking] You got hardly any cam time in H.O.T, you shouldn't be complaining now.
Jae Won: *Shock*
Woo Hyuk: *Shock*
Tony: *Shock* [turns to Jae Won] I didn't mean that! I'm sorry, my long-limbed friend!
Jae Won: Aww.... [opens arms wide] Hug?
Tony: Hug! [they hug]
Woo Hyuk: [joins hug]
Tony: Woo Hyuk?
Woo Hyuk: [nuzzling Tony's back] Hmmm....?
Tony: Umm.... why are you hugging us?
Woo Hyuk: [stops nuzzling] [pulls away from hug] Umm.... I thought it was a group hug....
Tony: .... Group hug!
Woo Hyuk: [rejoins hug]
All: Aww....

Teh End!

Tony: Wtf?
Woo Hyuk: No idea.
JaeWon: Still... camtime... deprived...
CamMan: [points cam at JaeWon]
JaeWon: Um.... hi?
Tony: See? See why you get no cam time?
JaeWon: [super awesome dance and rap and singing that beats all members of H.O.T]
Tony: *Shock*
Woo Hyuk: *Shock*
Jae Won: *Shock* Where did *that* come from?!

The [real] Aind!!!
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