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Dex (Continued) I was sitting there, fiddling with my pokedex, trying to figure out a way to turn the sound off (and there isn't, I just thought I'd be slick and convince the machine that indeed, it COULD run with no sound.) Anyway, I noticed my favorite list was full of bullshit like Snorlax and Dratini... and I knew then that my penis of a brother and been messing... and so I figured if he can mess.. why can't I mess?? So I waited for him to get into the shower (a few days later, cause the bitch never showers), then I made it a point to run hot water wash and do the dishes and of course every hot water faucet in the house was on... and then... when he went to bed... I ANTIQUED HIS ASS. *Throws out every tape of Jackass in the house*. But what of my other sister?
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