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Running slow with icontests. I'm sorry to those of you who are in charge of ones I enter. I'm just... swamped. I will try to enter them all, though. So never fear.

Bought gloves to match my pimp hat... I'm going to be the sexiest pimp giving out candy this year. I considered getting a few of my friends to dress up (or down, as it were) as my bitches but decided that this was a family neighborhood.

Downloaded another Kwon Sang Woo movie. The man is seriously starting to cut into my life and it concerns me.

But, I mean, look at him:

Nobody can say my time isn't being spent wisely.

My main concern is he'll turn out like another Song Seung Hoon and I'll end up doing something like staying up to all hours of the afternoon watching "He Was Cool" on repeat... But let's face it... He was cool...

And omg check out my nifty Nidoran icon. Three cheers for geeks!
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