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Oh my god.

When Yoo Jae Suk hugs Woo Hyuk at the end of X-Man... I could have died. I could have died because... I've had that dream... only it wasn't so much hugging as... fiercly making out on my couch...

Yes, Liz is really that fucked up.

... Maybe I shouldn't have let you guys know that ...

I think the Jae Suk icon is appropriate for this entry... In fact, I wouldn't think any other icon would ever work here...

And Woo Hyuk wearing Jae Suk's glasses? Priceless.

Actually, I want to say that whole part of the Of Course game is priceless. Haha is just like "You are very handsome" and Woo Hyuk's like "You are very handsome, too, to me" and Liz is like "OMG HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT *faints*" Liz may or may not have also had some Woo Hyuk x Haha dreams. Anyway, then Haha does a bit of Haengbok and Woo Hyuk corrects him. And then Woo Hyuk asks "Jong Kook is getting jealous... is that okay?" and Liz like fainted because the way he said it was just... ah... And Haha is like "I don't know who that is. Who is that?" and Jong Kook is like laughing... as much as Jong Kook can, I suppose. The man is a complete meathead. And then Haha says "I want to be a loved dongseng to you... you will accept me, right?" and Woo Hyuk is like "Of course... but what should I do? I like Jong Kook more." And Haha like freaks on everyone. But I saw that coming because Haha was hitting on Woo Hyuk the entire fucking show. That's when Haha takes Jae Suk's glasses off and puts them on Woo Hyuk and tells him he's looking like Jae Suk lately.

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