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The New One

So what does Liz think of the new Hee Jun album?

Well, she feels it can be explained pretty well in this one chatlog:

Degac Creep: all of his music leaves me with this floaty magestic feeling
Degac Creep: if that makes any sense
Degac Creep: its hard to explain
DarkMsy: I think I know what you mean
DarkMsy: it's so powerful
Degac Creep: emotional
DarkMsy: that's really the only way I can think of to describe it - powerful
DarkMsy: yeah
Degac Creep: and his voice just hits it
DarkMsy: hell yes

DarkMsy: ok I can think of one more word to describe it: genius
Degac Creep: especially the way he can bounce so easily between one voice and another
DarkMsy: yeah
DarkMsy: even live
Degac Creep: then the orchestral undertone to everything
Degac Creep: its so beautiful
DarkMsy: it's absolutely breathtaking
Degac Creep: just how he puts all of these very different elements of music together and makes them fit
Degac Creep: genius
DarkMsy: and it's always stuff you'd never think could go together in the same song and still sound good
Degac Creep: yeah
DarkMsy: yeah. definitely genius
Degac Creep: the man has such a good music sense
Degac Creep: I mean, he always has me in this state of absolute awe
DarkMsy: god the perfect example of that genius: Easy. it's got everything we were just talking about
Degac Creep: I know
Degac Creep: thats what I was listening to
Degac Creep: heh heh
DarkMsy: heh mine was still on Mayfly
DarkMsy: Easy just started
Degac Creep: Sureside is beautiful
Degac Creep: oh my god
Degac Creep: this is the feeling I get when listening to Generous
Degac Creep: oh my god
Degac Creep: I love how his voice cracks like that
Degac Creep: its beautiful
Degac Creep: beautiful...
DarkMsy: god theres so much power just in the chorus of's...indescribable
Degac Creep: I want to cry
DarkMsy: oh good I thought I was the only one that got like that
DarkMsy: ^^;
Degac Creep: this song is going to make me cry
Degac Creep: so powerful and so beautiful at the same time
DarkMsy: genius. perfection. every word falls so horribly short
Degac Creep: I know
Degac Creep: I've been obsessing so hard over Woo Hyuk I almost missed this
Degac Creep: Woo Hyuk hurts me
Degac Creep: he's closed out everything else lately
DarkMsy: I've actually managed to maintain a rather healthy level of obsession with these guys. ...or at least, equal ^^;
Degac Creep: I couldn't do it
Degac Creep: oh man, I feel so drained
Degac Creep: this makes things ok
DarkMsy: oh god Sureside...there goes my healthy level of obsession right out the fucking window
Degac Creep: and I watched a movie earlier
Degac Creep: and dreamed of Kangta last night
Degac Creep: so I'm slowly slipping from that Woo Hyuk haze
Degac Creep: thank fucking god
Degac Creep: I mean, I love the man
DarkMsy: *claps* bravo
Degac Creep: but the last month has been all Woo Hyuk, all day Woo Hyuk
DarkMsy: I was like that briefly, but I simply cannot stray from my god. I can't do it.
Degac Creep: well
Degac Creep: he is my life anyway
DarkMsy: I know
Degac Creep: so it wasn't too dramatic of a life change
Degac Creep: but I usually have Kangta dreams
Degac Creep: its just how I am
Degac Creep: or Jae
DarkMsy: I've had one, and after that, I never want to dream of him again x.x
Degac Creep: over a month of Woo dreams was freaking me out
Degac Creep: you can only make out in the middle of a deserted hallway with one guy so many times before it gets old
DarkMsy: lol
Degac Creep: Happy Ending = hot like wtf give me s'more of that
DarkMsy: oh god I'm trying not to think about that so I can enjoy #5 ...if I think about Happy Ending, I'll skip to it
DarkMsy: ok I managed to last through the whole thing. god one note of Happy Ending and I'm already spazzing
DarkMsy: god why does his music always do this to me? I always get all teary-eyed and my heart races like insanely
Degac Creep: I know
Degac Creep: god
Degac Creep: its hot
DarkMsy: every second of every song is pure genius
DarkMsy: it's like he sits andpans out the effect each note will have on his fans
DarkMsy: and plans*
Degac Creep: yeah it is
DarkMsy: new words need to be added to the English language to describe his music, because all of them really do fall short
DarkMsy: it's rediculous
Degac Creep: geniusfuckme
Degac Creep: sounds good
DarkMsy: lol yeah that works
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