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*Passes Out*

Woo Hyuk - live - Sun that Never Sets (09.15.2005 KMTV)

Now I just have to wait for the HD version... because this looks to be yet another live of Woo Hyuk freaking out for absolutely no fucking reason. And I'd like to see him perfectly when he does it, thank you very much.

And, in other news... related to other fandoms... Suzie was dropped on Rockstar INXS last night. And Marty got the encore. And Marty had the most votes so he didn't have to perform for the elimination. And Marty smashed a guitar.

And Mig's pants split.

And JD kissed another dude.

So, Liz is really happy. The three she wanted for the end are there. I'm still saying that I'll be happy with either Mig or Marty winning. They are both so very talented. Plus I really just don't like JD.

Oh, and I know you guys asked for colorbars. I'll get to those tonight or tomorrow... I don't remember if my mother is working or not. If she is, I'll do them tonight.
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