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Ok, It's safe to talk to me again

The breakdown is officially over. I know how I can get and I appologize to anyone who I offended or made cry over the past 24 hours. It's been six months since my last "I can't go on with these lies" breakdown. Lucky for me, iryokuatae was there to talk me down and refuse my offer to let him have all my H.O.T stuff... but hey, at least I'm still here on top.

Degac Creep: this should stop
Degac Creep: it's not healthy at all
JangTonyAhnLee: what obsession is healthy? even the healthy ones are unhealthy
Degac Creep: I need to find a good, honest Woo fan
Degac Creep: and give them everything I have
Degac Creep: everything
Degac Creep: even the stuff I never share
JangTonyAhnLee: You most certainly WILL NOT
JangTonyAhnLee: You will keep it all for you
JangTonyAhnLee: and continue what you do
JangTonyAhnLee: and that's final
JangTonyAhnLee: *poke8
Degac Creep: *head/desk*
Degac Creep: it's becoming too much for me to deal with
JangTonyAhnLee: if you ignore the type it's still effective
JangTonyAhnLee: typo*
Degac Creep: what about you?
Degac Creep: would you take it all?
JangTonyAhnLee: I refuse.
Degac Creep: argh
JangTonyAhnLee: simply beacuse
Degac Creep: god damn it
JangTonyAhnLee: You need not give it up
Degac Creep: I. Can't. Do. It. Any. More.
JangTonyAhnLee: You need to go to sleep, and you'll wake up and be fine
Degac Creep: oh, yeah sleep
Degac Creep: that'll do it
Degac Creep: so I can dream about him some more
Degac Creep: and wake up in a deeper depression
JangTonyAhnLee: if I remember coversations we've had before.. you said "dont mind me.. because from time to time I say im giving it all up and I realize it's stupid and the next day im fine.. so dont take it all to heart" or something along those lines
Degac Creep: did I really say that?
Degac Creep: wow
Degac Creep: talk about being openly honest
JangTonyAhnLee: ayup
Degac Creep: this is only like the second time this year
Degac Creep: so I guess I'm doing better
Degac Creep: it might have something with the anniversary just going by
JangTonyAhnLee: You said something along the lines of, it happens from time to time, and that it comes and goes when it pleases
JangTonyAhnLee: More than likely

So the wave has passed. Enjoy life until it happens again... in another six months... or so...
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