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Alright, here it is

Ok folks... I'm willing to let you all in on a little secret about myself... something most of you would never have seen coming. You might even want some popcorn for this, because it is that entertaining... I promise you... you will go away from this either in shock, fear, or in complete amusement.

And I have visuals. You know, to prove that I'm not just making it up to get a reaction from you guys.

Ladies and gay men, I, Elizabeth, am absolutely and without a doubt obsessed with...

Marty Casey

You may (or may not) have seen him on that show Rockstar INXS.

This is a very strange situation for the following reasons:
1. Liz does not watch American TV.
2. And even if she did, it would never be a reality show.
3. Liz also does not like American men.
4. And even if she did, it would never be a long limbed stick figure blonde.
5. Modern American rock music blows cock.
6. Liz does not listen to it.

So why Marty Casey? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, ALRIGHT?? My mother was watching one of the earlier episodes many weeks ago and I found myself actually interested. I mean, INXS... yeah sure, they rock, but my knowledge of American music is such that if my life depended on me naming twelve modern day American rock bands, I'd be fucked.

And EVERY FUCKING WEEK I find myself glued to my fucking TV on Tuesday and Wednesday nights... waiting for him to perform... or talk... or even have the camera pointed at him. And holy shit, when he performs... it's like my early H.O.T days all over again. Screaming, waving my arms like a fucking monkey, fangirling, for lack of a better word. His voice is just... OH MY GOD!

And how far gone is Liz?

Marty clips in her computer:

Marty music in her computer:

This is so wrong. Why do I do this to myself? WHY!?
I HATE AMERICAN TV. Before this, the only show I could watch was Lost. And let's face it... that all started because Dominic was in it. Who knew it would actually turn out to be a good show?
The point is, this should not be happening.

*Slams head on desk a few times* HUMANITY!

And that, my friends... is all I have to say about that.
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