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All of them

This is for the memories. It's for the people who are late. And The people who missed them. For the children and the old folk... sexy and not... and hey, get this... for the love....

Woo Hyuk has your screaming, dancing kpopper's balls in a vice

Tony is "hey funky" monkey ears love

Tony is "five more fucking minutes" love

Jae Won's more than commonly "zoned out" facial expressions are love

TonHyuk is so not photoshopped love

JunTa is a sexy, precious double whammy

H.O.T is "aren't high metabolisms fun?" love

DBSG is "Don't you ever forget the good times" love

Changmin is adorable squishy kitty love

YooChun is hat-obsessed love

No Minwoo is bleach blonde bed head love

Se7en is sweet, melodic hip-hop love

Ganesa is love

Dork is love

Sandwich is love

Kyo is god

Toshiya is the sex

Kaoru's -saku- do is still love

Dir en Grey is live

Dir en grey is Withering to Death

Kodou is dark, "anti-Yokan" love

MUCC is love

Hyde is community booty

Laruku is love

hide is pimping cowboy hat love

Gackt is a tampon

Aiji is love

Cowboy hats make everything sexier

Rodents are such cute love

TonHyuk Sims make out at command

... And I think that's all of them except the Yokan one. Oh well. These will do for now. To use them, click on whichever colorbar you want and then use the code beyond. Some are older and lead to codes you have to work with, but other than that, it's all fine.

By the way, if anyone wants me to make them a colorbar, now would be the time to ask.
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