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I thought we covered this, you guys.

Got tagged by kashume.

List seven of your favorite songs of the moment in your journal and force seven other people to repeat this process or a puppy somewhere in the world will DIE:

I have to say it. No order with these. Just ones I like to listen to a lot lately.

1. JTL - Without Your Love
2. 1TYM - Kiss Me
3. Bi - Me
4. Shinnago - Because You Are Pretty
5. Lee Seung Gi - You Are My Girl
6. Clazziquai - Come To Me (Mellotron Mix)
7. Perry feat YG Family - Get Ready

And Liz tags:
_dokidoki_, poetanarchy, aylajade, brinbrin, chibitarp, felicity_witch, fruitofchaos

(Tags based on if I saw this in your journal today or not. If you didn't do this today and you're at the top of my friends list, you got your ass raped tagged.)

You guys figure out your own shit. Don't tag me back. And nobody else tag me... unless your memes are really sexy. This one is boring as fuck.
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