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*pant*.... *wease*... *gasp*

Can't go on.... much longer...

Updated... too... often...

OFG... out of... control...

And all that slippery jazz.
It's true, though. Lena e-mailed me yesterday with more new Suikoden 4 information and I can't get over it. Every single time I get new info I start hating the game again. Like, get this: There's only 4 team members in a battle? WTF is dat shit? BUT they make up for it by making the weapons look different as you upgrade them ,which is just too cool for school. AND new info on two new characters was released *parties*. They're names are Troy and Colton. And from the looks of it, I may be in love with Troy in the near future...

In Suikoden picture news, I hit the jackpot of Geddoe and Ace pictures... it was unbelievable... I didn't even think this many existed... (and a few Ace x Geddoe for THOSE kind of fans). I gave them all to Juice and Amy and they seemsed rather happy about it. In fact, Juice was so happy that she insisted I gave her more. She had sucked me dry of Yuber, Albert, Ceasar, Geddoe, Gremio and halfway through my McDohl pictures before we gave it a rest. Unbelievable.

Oh yes...
And I'm reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire again.
Crazy stuff
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