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I woke up like an hour ago clutching my abdomen in some of the most horrific pain I have ever experienced. If anyone is planning on kicking someone's ass in the near future, may I suggest shouldering them in the abdomen. They'll wake up the next morining in tears, I guaruntee it.

My mother got home this morning and listened to what me and my sister had to say. Then she woke Will (or "Shink" if you will) up and had him tell his side of the story. Of course every last second of it was absolute and utter bullshit, but when he started to cry and beg her not to make him leave, she changed her mind. The bitch is letting him stay here.

So help me god, if he lays another finger on me or any of my siblings I will beat the bloody fuck out of him. I don't even care if I kill the ass wad. If he touches... even lays a single finger intimately, friendly, or violently on a member of my family, I will make sure he stays in the hospital for at least a week.

And that is my two bits.
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