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Oh Boy

And another thing that burns Liz's ass cheeks:

People (I use that term lightly) who take twenty fucking minutes to put on make-up but don't look any fucking different. I'm talking no difference AT ALL.

My mother asked me to go run some errands for her today, so I woke my sister up about half an hour ago to go with me. She says to me "I'm not ready at all" and I'm thinking, "So what are you waiting for?" She finally gets up and starts getting ready... or so I assume... and twenty minutes later I go upstairs and ask her if there is any reason on Earth why it's taken her twenty minutes to get ready. Even drunk as fuck and taking a shower you can get ready in twenty minutes or less. And then I take a look at her. She doesn't look any different from when I last saw her. Her hair was a mess, still wearing her ripped pants, and she smelled horrible. Her answer? "My hair isn't even done." So I respond with, "Are you telling me it took you twenty fucking minutes to dress??" And she said "No, I was doing my make-up."

You guys, she didn't look any different. Not a single changed feature. She looked like the normal lifeless zombie she always resembles with pale lips, baggy eyes and a perpetual look of depression. I just stood there in complete shock. I could not believe she spent twenty minutes putting on makeup that changed her appearance none.

I feel a headache coming on.
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