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Oulan mad

LJ is giving you guys more icons?

This upsets me because I bought a permanent account and thought the 100 icons was part of our deal, not the rest of LJ. I'm really pissed.

Other things that have been annoying Oulan lately:

- People who need a tutorial to download from Rapidshare. Seriously, what the fuck? What ever happened to looking around, clicking on things, reading... Oh my god, NOT READING. We might all croak and fucking die because we were forced to read. *Holds head* Fucking. Idiots.

- People who join icon challenges but have absolutely NO talent. Now, I'm not talking about people who have OK programs and at least try... I'm talking about assholes who honestly think they can make 100 icons in paint or of only bases. It makes me hurt inside. Now, I know I'm not amazing when it comes to making graphics, but I look like I fucking invented icon making compared to these people.

- D2H in general, but that's not "new" or "lately" ... that's just how it's always been.

- Icontest mods who come up with insane themes and get pissed when nobody enters. Ok, I get that you are going for originality, but seriously. Originality and idiocy are two very different things.

I guess that'll do it for me. Ranting isn't usually my "thing" and nobody is around to rant at...
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