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ImpGeneralCeles: hey Ouly
Degac Creep: hi
ImpGeneralCeles: get a look at the new Suiko manga?
Degac Creep: no
ImpGeneralCeles: it starts with a pic of Luc and Sasarai naked ^^
ImpGeneralCeles: no I'm serious
Degac Creep: ....
ImpGeneralCeles: I am
ImpGeneralCeles: they're butt-naked
Degac Creep: *cries*
ImpGeneralCeles: and it shows the runes inside of them
Degac Creep: if you're lying, I will slay you
ImpGeneralCeles: and it's fully colored and all
ImpGeneralCeles: now there's a catch
ImpGeneralCeles: it's Luc and Sasaria...
ImpGeneralCeles: ...Sasarai....
ImpGeneralCeles: ....and they're infants ^.~
Degac Creep: *slays anyway*
Degac Creep: I hate you so much right now
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