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Liz, yo
22 December 2010 @ 06:45 am
I have it. Kind of. It keeps coming and going like it can't decide if it wants to seriously destroy my Christmas or not. It's like, 'Yes, you're getting like a thousand sets of headphones, but good luck listening to them WHILE YOUR HEAD IS ALL CONGESTED. BAM' and then it'll be like, 'oh, no, we're good, I'll just be packing my giant plague bags and hitting the road' just to follow up with, 'WAIT NO I WANTED TO RUIN YOUR VIDEO GAME PLAYING, TOO'. Thanks, plague. You and Gackt. Champions of ruining my day.

And let's talk about Inception and how I've owned it since it came out but still haven't watched it because it's wrapped up under the god damn tree. I play video games from a chair less than two feet away. I can feel it under there, weeping along with me because I can't watch it. Okay, sure, I've already seen it three times, but not from the comfort of my own home. D:

Knocking the hell out of this animated mood theme. And by that I clearly mean I have about twenty moods done and all I've managed to do over the last three days is make icons and save more gifs. Speaking of, my BEAST folder is looking rather formidable these days:

1426 of that is Hyunseung. 571 are gifs. Just to put this into perspective.

Alright. Back to icons. I mean mood theme. It'll probably be icons. GOD. I HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS.
: disappointeddisappointed
: Doojoon & Dongwoon - 문이 닫히면