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Liz, yo
09 November 2010 @ 01:30 pm
I haven't posted in so long. I'm going to try and post at least every week. I remember when I was so active on here. D: Maybe I need more friends. Not that y'all aren't great. I love knowing all the shareable details about your lives.

Next point of interest. That icon spree I went on? Bam. Not as bad as I thought. I suddenly find myself without inspiration, though. Clearly I need more hobbies. Apparently video games and kpop aren't cutting it.

Next. Rats playing in my bathtub.

Have four now. I continued on with the Organization XIII names. I have a bunch of pictures to share but I'll do that in another post sometime in the future. This is the only picture of the four of them together, though. So I like it.

I'll wrap this up with a mildly insignificant LiveJournal-related question. Is anyone else still using XColibur? Are comment pages different for everyone or is it just me?
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