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Liz, yo
09 August 2010 @ 11:41 am
So I had this plan. I was going to go out to my mailbox this morning and take a picture of how empty it was and make a huge long, ranting post about how my Se7en CD still wasn't here. But when I got to the mailbox, it was overflowing with padded packaging and poster tube. So that plan fell threw pretty much right there. Oh well, at least I have my stuff?

I keep making plans to go to the movies to see Inception with i_eat_bamboo and her mom, but something always comes up and I end up filling their spots with other people because by that point, I'm really set on going to the movies and I'm not going to stop myself. So I've seen Inception three times. And I made icons. And people tell me I'm over-selling the rotating hallway scene, but I say, if you can't appreciate that for what it is, eff you, buddy.

So the short of it is: Se7en is awesome, getting CDs in the mail is awesome, Inception is awesome, my ability to make minimovie icons is still awesome, deciding not to go to the movies with Liz Money is not awesome, and my hair looks exceptionally luxurious today. ^^
: tiredtired
: Se7en - Rollercoaster