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Liz, yo
17 June 2010 @ 09:50 am
I wish I could make myself sleep. I'm very tired and very sore and very medicated. Oh bed, I love you.

Meme time.

30 Day Kpop Meme
→ Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

I couldn't find this on Youtube so I had to upload it myself, which led to me uploading a few of my other Without Your Love perfs. On to actually talking about this. Not only is this my favorite song of all time, but the performances are like a million times better than the MV. Mostly because the choreography pleases me greatly. Specifically the point near the end with the shoulders, which is why I chose this one for my favorite performance. About 50% of the performances of this song cut that part out completely to make the lives shorter, and most of the ones that have it zoom in on Tony for that part, leaving me sitting here, scowling at the outrage of not getting to watch Woo Hyuk's shoulder shimmy. I've also been known to call this live "the one with the fence", and even when I don't mention the group or song, there are people who still know what I'm talking about. And for that I am proud of the people around me.

the rest 'o the listCollapse )

And now I'm going to share all of the lives I uploaded, just for the hell of it. I tried to avoid ones that were just horrible horrible quality. Enjoy.

It's awesome. Trust me.Collapse )
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