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Liz, yo
05 June 2010 @ 07:38 am
Yes, I realize there was something of a wait on these. Clearly I need to get my priorities in order. D: Here's the icons you guys get for the LJ interest meme.

Basic rules apply.
→ No, you are not required to use the icon I made for you
→ Yes, you can use the icons I made for the other people
→ If you do use any, please credit Liz

These icons are for:
seaborne, fireatwill, simply_emotion, jaded_skys, domestik_fucker, bulgocrazyi and i_eat_bamboo.

Icon pick-upCollapse )

That's all I'm going to bother you fine folks with for now. ^^
: boredbored
: I don't want to talk about it