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Liz, yo
01 June 2010 @ 07:27 am
Thanks for letting us know, LJ.
I mean, I only thought it was my fucking browser and followed every shit program protocol under the sun trying to fix it. Also, I see that this is dated for yesterday. You know, two days after the start of the page destruction. LiveJournal. I've given you a lot of time and money. A lot. The least you can do is give your user base a heads-up when foul shit is afoot. PS: refreshing the page never resolved the issue. Just, you know, FYI so you can at least put the right information in your future too-little-too-late announcements.

(EDIT: since they changed it, I'll include what the original text said: " LiveJournal is currently in the process of moving its office, which will result in intermittent site slowness and difficulty accessing certain specific journals or page. These difficulties should be resolved within the next 24 hours (during the day Tuesday, June 1st). In the meantime, refreshing the page will usually resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. ")

Moving on.

I feel unconcerned that there's nothing between them and him. This atmosphere seems pretty relaxed, all things considered. Unless, maybe, that chick is really a bouncer in disguise. Or maybe there's a bomb in her bag. Who knows.
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