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Liz, yo
31 May 2010 @ 01:24 pm
Because, let's just face facts here. Twilight is a piece of crap. The books do brain damage and the movies bend time and space with their crappiness. And the fans blow my mind with their inability to understand that what they are experiencing is not, in fact, anything to be enjoyed, but a crime to literature, film, acting, vampire lore, muscles, Washington state, and Dakota Fanning. So if you have to cheer for a team (of which there is no correct choice in the options the books give you), go for Team Rocket. Team Rocket and 151 Pokemon. And Gary. I just threw in Gary because he's Gary motherfucking Oak and a post about Pokemon that doesn't mention Gary needs to be shot in the face.

Liz Money out.

Oh wait! I was going to saw something about the icon meme. I'm working on it. I have most of them done, I just got tied up on a few minimovie ones that I want to include when I post all of them. Plus, you know, there's also Sims 2 clogging up my time. And also maybe Fallout 3. And also maybe hanging out at the Hacienda. Three nights this week.
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