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Liz, yo
26 April 2010 @ 06:50 am
Haven't updated about this in a long time, since it seemed to me like it was all I was ever talking about and it really just sounded like whining. And Liz doesn't do whining.

In addition to the hiatal hernia and ovarian cysts, which I already knew about and have enough trouble dealing with as it is, I'm going to a specialist on Wednesday about the cyst on my sinus, which I didn't know about. I think it would be amazing if this is the cause of my headaches and congestion because a cyst can be god damn removed and that's the best news I've had in months. In regards to the mysterious pain I've been dealing with, my new doctor, after much uncomfortable prodding, has decided that it sounds like fibromyalgia, so she sent me for some blood work and is setting up an appointment with a rheumatologist.

Probably related (though with my track record, I wouldn't get my hopes up), my left foot started hurting more than usual sometime yesterday and it moved up into my leg overnight. Sometimes this happens if I put a lot of pressure on an area for a long time, but I don't remember doing that.

Also, tag-team of Rachel Brow, Stop & Shop Pharmacy and MASShealth? Get your shit together. Brow, don't tell me to tell the pharmacy to fax you if they're not going to. Pharmacy, just fucking fax the god damn doctor's office because this shit could be so much easier. And MASShealth? Don't even get me started with you. After that Prilosec fiasco, I pretty much lost all faith in you, but you guys can seriously stop being such assholes.
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Liz, yo
26 April 2010 @ 10:09 am
I decided to try out Google Analytics just for kicks, since My Guests has the tendency to rat me out to people that shouldn't know I'm creeping around, but I still kind of wanted to know the when and how of it all, so, while Google Analytics doesn't specify exactly who drops in, I can get a general idea. Not that it really matters in the long run, but I still kind of find it amusing and entertaining. Really, the only parts I've paid any attention to are the locations of where people are from (how's it going, Agincourt and Mont-Royal, Canada, Songnam, South Korea, and Brisbane, Australia?) and the search engine keywords. Let's cover a bit of that for a moment:

I couldn't let some of these go, so I popped into Google and ran a search on them, to find that those two linked to the same entry. The entry in question is: this one. Also, 'oulan hair' (which I have to assume is the character Oulan and someone wanting to look at her hair, not mine, although mine is kind of luxurious and dreamy) brings that entry up first, so clearly Google needs to get its priorities sorted out.
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: Drunken Tiger - The Movement