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Liz, yo
12 April 2010 @ 01:20 pm
So I got onto the computer this morning with the intention to pick a chick group at random and see if I could like them. And when that would inevitably fail, I would try again. Unfortunately, the one wrench in this otherwise perfect plan is that I know exactly dick about the Korean girl groups around today. I mean, I can see the name of a girl group and be all, OH THAT'S A GIRL GROUP, because I run kpop_uploads and that's kind of my duty (though, I'll be honest, when we were putting in the tagging system, I got plenty confused), but other than that I know pretty much nothing.

What most people don't know about me is that I used to be really into girl groups back in the day. I was all about SES and BabyVOX and Papaya and sometimes I'll just be sitting here like, GOD I WISH THERE WERE SOME GROUPS LIKE THAT THESE DAYS. Something cute but also sometimes sexy in bright colors with ridiculous hair. I'll be honest, it's the ridiculous hair that usually seals the deal for me.

Where was I going with this? OH RIGHT. So what vagina parties are you all into these days? Preferably something with concepts that won't make me tear my eyes out and involving at least one lady that doesn't have her eyes spaced too far apart because, I tell you, that shit gives me nightmares like you can't even imagine. It's like an army of giant-eyed aliens in heels and they're all shrieking and talking about hair and diets and, thank you, no. That is nothing I'd like to relive. Or redream. Something like that. I'm also kind of indirectly referring to that one chick in Kara. You know who I'm talking about. The one with eyes on the sides of her fucking head. I see that shit and get legit scared for the other girls in the group.

I mean, I kind of like BEG. Like, as a modern-day chick group, Korea could do worse. And you have no taste if you can't say Gain is gorgeous, because she is. And I did like that one song. Okay maybe it was two songs. And none of those ladies have eyes on the sides of their head, which, as I've explained, is something of a plus in my book.

There should be a chick group that has 'ridiculous hair' as its primary concept for promoting all of its songs. And no horse-eyed ladies will be allowed in. Only normal-eyed ladies (even if they're not totally gorgeous, as long as they can look straight ahead) with really long, ridiculous hair that is perfect for putting into large, flowing, bright-colored pigtails.

EDIT: The ridiculous hair group should be called Fabio. And the fanclub can be called The Geese.
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